Talk Story: Write Your Divorce Story (subscription)



TALK STORY: Write Your Divorce Story subscriptions

TIME: Classes begin 6/3/2021, 2-3PM (HST)

TALK STORY: Write Your Divorce Story (1 hour) 1-month (4 classes) $150 

TALK STORY: Write Your Divorce Story (1 hour) 2-months (8 classes) $300

TALK STORY: Write Your Divorce Story (1 hour) 3-months (12 classes) $450

Hawai’i permanent residents receive kama’aina rates (10% off) for 1-3 month TALK STORY classes/sessions.

TALK STORY is the Hawaiian Pidgin English term for chatting and openly talking with friends about memories, ideas, and stories. Each TALK STORY session will open with an examination of a question prompted by a reading. 

TALK STORY: WRITE YOUR DIVORCE STORY is for women who have divorced or who are now divorcing. This class is to provide a space for you to discuss how and why the application of the narrative ideas surrounding marriage, divorce, family and gender affected your understanding and perception of self and divorce. We will discuss implicit and explicit stories that were conveyed about women and roles in society, along with how divorce is framed within culture and community. 

This class will also support those currently writing their divorce story in addition to reading selected poems, essays and stories. There may be writing prompts and optional sharing. TALK STORY sessions serve as a space to examine and explore how you author your story—both on the page and in real life. Talk Story will be led by Dr. Stephanie Han (3x/month) and Ahran Lee (1x/month).

Because this is an open discussion class with a strict confidentiality code there are no one-time trial classes. 

Note that your subscription officially starts at the beginning of the month, no matter when you sign up. (If you sign up for class on the 15th, you will be charged the same rate as if you started on the 1st)

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Meet Ahran Lee

Ahran Lee is a Korean American facilitator, multidisciplinary artist, and improv actor based in San Francisco. Ahran is passionate about designing community spaces where collective creativity and vulnerable sharing alchemizes trauma into healing. Social justice centered disruption as a personal practice, a dedication to human connectedness and kinship, and a belief that cooperative relationships ensure collective prosperity are central to her work as citizen, artist, and community builder.


  1. Diann Rowland

    I really enjoyed the initial class and am looking forward to learning and healing through this process.

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