The Power of Story: We Create the Story of Our Lives (open gender)


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This workshop is designed for all people (open gender) to understand the origins of writing, the craft of storytelling, and will give participants an overview of how particular techniques are used to shape stories. These concepts of story, craft, and process are explored in Dr. Stephanie Han’s signature Women’s Creative Writing Workshops including Women’s Creative Writing Workshop (5 and 10 weeks), Asian/Asian American Women’s Creative Writing Workshop, and Intersectionality: Manuscript Workshop.

Knowing what a story is, how it is crafted, will allow you to better understand the position and framework of your organization, community, and self. Story is in every gesture of our existence.

Creativity and narrative work together. You have the ability to author your life as this is borne of the desire to simply express oneself within the paradigm of narrative. In its purest form, when you express who you are, you are bringing forth the spirit of the self’s encounter with life. You are constantly creating the story you live.

Power comes from knowing how narrative is used across all sectors and systems, and once you learn these ideas, you can harness your understanding of story to put forward your organization, brand, ideas, and most importantly your own self, to live and create in a way that best expresses who you are, why you are, and what you hope to become.


Limited to one free class on per person every six months.


  1. Patti Kameya

    The layers behind the saying “We are all made of stories” came together for me after taking this one-hour class. With beautiful and compelling images, Stephanie shows how stories we consciously consume and unconsciously internalize shape identities and choices. Through moving personal examples, she makes a compelling case for women and others who have not been preserved in the canon to “write [ourselves] into existence.” Stephanie is a generous teacher, and leads open discussions where participants at any stage in their writing lives feel welcome and heard. After taking this class, I felt inspired and energized.

  2. Christine

    My favorite part of this workshop was when Stephanie put some serious question marks next to our easy acceptance of a single story structure model. If you’re ready to take a moment to have your view of your story and the way you tell it tipped gently but assuredly on its side, sign up. You’ll learn something valuable. I certainly did.

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