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I’m a contributor and columnist “The Doctor is In” for THROB The Hawaiʻi Review of Books answering questions on craft, process, and technique, and/or the teaching of writing and literature. See interviews with Ishle Yi Park and Shonda Buchanan.


L.A. (Lovers Anonymous)

L.A. (Lovers Anonymous) was written in 1994 with a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. It is a work of juvenilia, a poetry chapbook, a very basic example of how writing asserts the self. I wrote it prior to completing my undergraduate degree, without really knowing what it is I wanted to say about the world. Now I see that I was asking questions about place and the body, and I sought answers from external markers for validation. At the time I know that I was feeling a strong sense of urgency and desire to manifest myself into being and felt wildly uncertain about my relationship to time, beauty, and art.

L.A. (Lover's Anonymous) by Dr. Stephanie Han


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