Women’s Creative Writing Workshop (10 Weeks)

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Dates: March 4-May 6, Thursdays
Time: 3-5PM (HST), 5-7PM (PST), 7-9PM (CST), 8-10PM (EST)

[Daylight Savings Time begins March 8/class stays on Hawaii time schedule]

10 Sessions

Enrollment: 12

The Women’s Creative Writing Workshop is a 10 week-long class for you to express your creativity, powerful ideas, and emotional truth on the page. The focus of this workshop is voice. Class features exercises and craft lessons, and the second half of the course will give you the option to workshop a piece of writing. You will leave with a better sense of how to write your truth to power and tell the story that you need to tell. Your voice will be encouraged and strengthened by learning and exploring various aspects of creative process. This class understands writing to be an act of bravery and emphasizes learning the skills to turn your deeply held ideas into writing that resonates. This mixed-level generative writing workshop covers personal expression across the genres of fiction, memoir, creative non-fiction, and poetry. You will leave class with a clear understanding of your personal writing passions and strengths.

There will be selected cross-genre readings every week. The featured reading for Fall 2020 (WED) was Persian Girls by Nahid Rachlin; Black Is the Body: Stories from My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine by Emily Bernard.

Previous Guest Writers: Emily Bernard, Debra Kang Dean
SPRING 2021 TEXTS: THE ATLAS OF RED AND BLUES by Devi S. Laskar, HEART BERRIES by Terese Marie Mailhot

2 reviews for Women’s Creative Writing Workshop (10 Weeks)

  1. Catherine A. John

    Dr. Stephanie Han’s class was excellent!!! There was an intimacy and freedom created by her approach the small class size and honest and carefree energy. She struck a balance between giving writerly advice, sharing a variety of reading material, doing short writing exercises and inviting established writers from time to time for us to engage with. I learned a lot!!! I also enjoyed myself and since this was my first creative writing class in a very long time, it made me excited to continue the craft and also take another class with her. You will not regret the experience.

  2. Carol Moeller

    I am loving my writing workshop with Stephanie Han! It is my first – of many. I am signing up for my second while halfway dome with my first. Stephanie has a gentle, empowering presence, always thoughtful and generous. She shows us traditional notions such as story arcs, yet affirming the multiplicity forms writing can take, emboldening us to find our own voices, forms, topics, and styles to be be authentic and confident. The other women in the workshop are terrific too, and all our writing seems stronger in these few weeks with Stephanie’s leadership!

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