Talk Story: Write Your Divorce Story Zoom Writing Sessions


TALK STORY is the Hawaiian Pidgin English term for chatting and openly talking with friends about memories, ideas, and stories. Each TALK STORY session will open with an examination of a key concept necessary to write your divorce story. 

TALK STORY: WRITE YOUR DIVORCE STORY ZOOM WRITING SESSIONS are for women who have divorced or who are now divorcing and will help you to complete your divorce narrative in a supportive writing space. Each week will review, analyze, and discuss one key writing concept. The majority of the Zoom session will be spent writing. This is an ideal situation for those of you who need extra support to complete the writing of your divorce narrative. This is an open discussion class with a strict confidentiality code; there are no one-time trial classes. 

There is a Facebook group Write Your Divorce Story.

TALK STORY: Write Your Divorce Story Zoom Writing Sessions (1 hour) 1-month (four classes) $100

TIME: Zoom sessions begin 6/3/2021, 3-4PM (HST)

Please go to the Write Your Divorce Story and Write Your Divorce Story Writing Sessions Bundle to register for a discounted rate for one month of both classes at $225.

Hawai’i permanent residents receive kama’aina rates (10% off) for 1-3 month TALK STORY classes/sessions.

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