Talk Story: Master Narratives (subscription) Wednesdays 2-3PM



TALK STORY: MASTER NARRATIVES will explore reading and writing through the lens of master narratives. A Master Narrative is a dominant story/or stories that control(s) culture. Master Narratives are widely accepted as an intractable history, truth, ideology to explain and maintain the status quo. Participants examine Master Narratives in writing and discover the parallels, intersections, and ways we reinforce/rebel when confronted with these stories. Each month will feature a book and a visit with a guest author. There is optional in-class writing and sharing to encourage creative process and voice. 

Subscriptions are a flexible way for you to participate in almost any combination of TALK STORY sessions below. Note that your subscription officially starts at the beginning of the month, no matter when you sign up. (If you sign up for class on the 15th, you will be charged the same rate as if you started on the 1st).


Tuesdays August 8 1-2PM (HST)

OR Wednesdays on September 2-3PM (HST)

Tuesday OR Wednesday classes are considered separate sections!

Please access a copy of the book prior to the start of class!


Wednesdays September 7: What We Carry by Maya Shanbhag Lang

Future books!

The Prince of Mournful Thoughts and Other Stories by Caroline Kim 

The Mango Bride by Marivi Soliven-Blanco 

We Hereby Refuse by Tamiko Nimura

One (1) single (one time trial open only for those who did not previously do any trial class on specific assigned dates) TALK STORY: MASTER NARRATIVES class $25. 

You may pick a Tuesday/Wednesday combo or two Tuesdays/Wednesdays.


TALK STORY: MASTER NARRATIVES (1 hour) 1-month (4 classes) $150 

TALK STORY: MASTER NARRATIVES (1 hour) 2-months (8 classes) $275 

TALK STORY: MASTER NARRATIVES (1 hour) 3-months (12 classes) $400

TALK STORY: MASTER NARRATIVES (1 hour) 4-months (16 classes) $525

Hawai’i permanent residents receive kama’aina rates (10% off) for 1-4 month TALK STORY classes/sessions.

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