Talk Story: Master Narratives (Sample Class)


This is a sample class for TALK STORY: Master Narratives (see full description here), for students who want a peek of the content and/or are not ready to commit to enrolling.


Date: May 11

Time: 1-2 PM HST / 4-5 PM PST / 7-8 PM EST

TALK STORY: MASTER NARRATIVES will explore reading and writing through the lens of master narratives. A Master Narrative is a dominant story/or stories that control(s) culture. Master Narratives are widely accepted as an intractable history, truth, ideology to explain and maintain the status quo. Participants examine Master Narratives in writing and discover the parallels, intersections, and ways we reinforce/rebel when confronted with these stories.

Limited to one free class per person per six months.


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