STORY POWER: Author Your Life - Date TBA


Date: TBA

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We create the story of our lives. Learn to author your life. This workshop is designed for you (open gender) to understand the origins of writing, the craft of storytelling, and to give you an overview of how story shapes our existence.

Creativity and narrative work together. You can CREATE from any position, as creativity is borne of the desire to simply express oneself. In its purest form, when you express who you are, you are bringing forth the spirit of the self’s encounter with life. 

Yet POWER comes from knowing how narrative is used across all sectors and systems, and once you learn these ideas, you can harness your understanding of story to put forward your organization, brand, ideas, and most importantly your own self, to live and create in a way that best expresses who you are, why you are, and what you hope to become.

When we carefully examine story, we are empowered to act, live, and dream in different ways.

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