Power Journal: How to Write Your Truth


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Power Journal: How to Write Your Truth (10 weekly sessions)

Monday times below. Wednesday and other sessions TBA.

Date: February 8-April 26, Mondays

No class February 15 President’s Day and April 5 Easter Monday

Time: Mondays 1-2PM (HST), 3-4PM (PST), 5-6PM (CST), 6-7PM (EST)

NOTE: Daylight Savings begins March 14, but class times will remain at HST.

Open Enrollment: Students register and join at any time. 

Each 1-hour meeting you will be presented with a journal prompt that broaches a topic of relevance that forms the basis of your individual belief system such as creativity, balance, attraction, and so on. The purpose is for you to explore these ideas through direct inquiry: you will engage with these ideas initially in a brief discussion, the class will write, and then we will again convene to discuss the idea, as well as the writing process. This method of direct inquiry is based on the ancient text The I Ching: Book of Changes, a framework embraced by Dr. Carl Jung. We will not toss sticks in the air and see where they land, but we will grapple with open-ended questions and explore meaning and belief.

This is a chance for you to record your synthesis of your own life experience and the many texts that you have read that have formed the foundation of what you believe.  You will grapple with questions that form the foundation of your ethical framework, and in so doing, have a clear idea of the principles, ideas, and morals that guide your decisions. There is no required reading. Additional prompts will be provided for you to independently pursue outside of class.

I gave an interview on Seneca Women podcast about journal writing.


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3 reviews for Power Journal: How to Write Your Truth

  1. Cynthia Lam

    Stephanie’s women’s writing classes are like nourishment for the soul! I highly enjoyed the power journal writing classes, in which I got the time and space to explore issues within a supportive camaraderie of women writers. The prompts were always thought-provoking, and the discussions after illuminating.

  2. Amanda Graves

    This was the first class I ever took with Stephanie and I loved it so much that I signed up for another one of her classes. I really like how we discuss different ideas and find ways to apply our discussion into our writing. Stephanie gives great advice and has been very encouraging. Highly recommend this class, I enjoyed it very much.

  3. Amanda McGuire

    Stephanie’s work to encourage women writers, both beginning and more practiced, is exceptional and essential. The questions she asks help students grow, and learn more about themselves, and develop their own voice. I look forward to taking more of her classes.

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