Intersectionality: Manuscript Workshop


Dates: January 22-April 16, Fridays

Time: 3-5PM (HST), 5-7PM (PST), 7-9PM (CST), 8-10PM (EST)

[Daylight Savings Time begins March 8/class stays on Hawaii time schedule]

12 sessions

Enrollment: 12

The goal of this multi-genre workshop is to work towards the completion of a manuscript with the support of women who support your journey as a writer. This workshop honors your voice and is a place to receive support for the narrative that only you can write, the story(ies) that you are meant to tell.  Your project may be a book of essays, short stories, or a longer work-in-progress, and is designed to benefit those with a specific project.  With helpful feedback and the polishing of craft skills you will write to the best of your ability. Your story is significant and you and your peers agree to help each woman write her emotional truth on the page—fiction or non-fiction. While there will be assigned texts, there is no writing during class time. All writers will be workshopped twice in class, and at the end of the workshop commit to one additional time to exchange work with several others outside of the class. These groups are determined by the instructor and follow the protocol established within the workshop. 

Admittance to this workshop is by instructor approval only. Please contact Dr. Stephanie Han (word@drstephaniehan) for information about submitting a writing sample for the Intersectionality workshop.

SPRING 2021 TEXTS: THE BODY PAPERS by Grace Talusan, WILLOW WEEP FOR ME by Meri Nana-Ama Danquah, A CURIOUS LAND by Susan Muaddi Darraj



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