Write Your Divorce Story and Rewrite Your Life Workshop 2021 SESSIONS TBA


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Limited to one free class per person from drstephaniehan.com every six months.

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This class is designed for women undergoing divorce or who have divorced and seek to understand divorce through the framework of story. The ending of the story of your marriage changes with divorce, thus every moment or gesture of your past life will be reinterpreted through a new lens. When you write your story, you will better understand who you are, and begin to rewrite your life.

YOU are the author. Your life is the story.

Writing is rewriting an axiom familiar to anyone who has gone through the process of writing repeated drafts of any text. The writer writes, edits, and rewrites, drafting and redrafting, creating and recreating a world over the course of days, months, or even years, to record what exists in the writer’s head and heart.

To write your story, you will have to rethink the terms of how you  viewed yourself within the context of marriage, and the cultural and social beliefs that centered your ideas, values, and beliefs. This is a challenging task, but the very act of writing your story will serve to usher in your new life.

This 1.5 hour class (including Q/A) gives you the basic tools to write your divorce story. I teach this based on my personal experience: writing down my story changed my life. This class is designed to help you move through the divorce process, reflect and question how you see yourself, and step with confidence into the next phase of your life.

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Scholarships and discounts are available for women with children under age 18. This class does not provide legal or therapeutic advice. This class provides a way for you to write yourself into a new existence by understanding the framework of your past within the context of story and writing.

TALK STORY Write Your Divorce Story writing sessions provide focused writing time for those who benefit from accountability to complete their document.

TALK STORY Write Your Divorce Story classes provide community and focus on the application of reading and writing to subjects and issues that are raised by divorce.

Limited to one free class per person per six months. Note that schedules are subject to change and new rules may apply.


  1. Sharon

    Dr. Stephanie Han’s introductory workshop on how to structure a divorce narrative was liberating! This class was just the encouragement and spark I needed to complete the full story of my marriage and divorce. Her presentation is well organized, offers strategies for crafting a compelling narrative and practical advice. The most impactful element was the image of the writer as a Phoenix rising from the ashes to tell the new story of her new life. I highly recommend this class.

  2. Yee

    I can only say that Dr. Stephanie Han is a godsend! Her encouragement and support allowed me to write through to my freedom.
    Highly recommend her workshops because not only to
    improve one’s writing but they are a lot of fun.
    The classes are set up so that the material is easily understood and l have found my other classmates encouraging as well!!

  3. JoAnn Eden

    I really enjoyed Dr. Stephanie’s presentation and material in this great course!

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