Girls' Creative Writing Workshop for grades 11 and 12 (5 weeks) JUN 23-JUL 21 1-3PM (HST) Wednesdays


Girls’ Creative Writing Workshop

Fees and Information

  • Class open to girls grades 11-12/ages 16-17
  • Class dates and times: JUNE 23-July 21 WED 1-3PM (EST) 1-3PM
  • Instructor: Reema Rajbanshi
  • Fee: $425

The GIRLS’ CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP will cover fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. You will leave class with a solid introduction to creative process, voice, style, form/story structure, imagery, and dialogue. While this class provides a broad overview of literary craft elements, the primary focus is voice. We will review literature through the eyes of a writer. This means we will be looking to understand how the writer creates a particular world. This is a generative writing class—come ready to use your laptop or to write with pen/paper.

The requirements are this: try your very best to do the reading required, work on writing that matters to you, and enter the space with an open attitude.

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Meet Reema Rajbanshi

Reema Rajbanshi  is a creative and critical writer raised in the Bronx and currently living in Philadelphia. Her linked story collection Sugar, Smoke, Song, published by Red Hen Press in August 2020, focuses on girlhood, immigration, and violence. Her aesthetic leans to writing deeply about place and experimenting with form, and her teaching centers on students’ organic learning and discussion. Reema also enjoys dancing, hiking, and traveling, and hopes to be doing all three, with others, in the near future.


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