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BREAK: Write Your Divorce 2-hour WORKSHOP (ONCE A MONTH)


Dates and Times:  Sunday 9 JANUARY 7-9AM (HST) and Monday 14 FEBRUARY 2-4PM (HST)

Sunday 9 JANUARY 7-9AM (HST) 9-11AM (PST) 10AM-12 NOON (MST) 11AM-1PM (CST) 12 NOON-2PM (EST) 5-7PM (GMT)

Monday 14 FEBRUARY 2-4PM (HST) 4-6PM (PST) 5-7PM (MST) 6-8PM (CST) 7-9PM (EST)

Tuesday 8-10AM (SGT/HKT)


2022 DATES

1/9 Sunday 7-9AM (HST)

2/14 Monday 2-4PM (HST)

3/13 Sunday 7-9AM (HST)

4/11 Monday 2-4PM (HST)

5/15 Sunday 7-9AM (HST)

6/13 Monday 2-4PM (HST)

Cost: $200

Note that this class will be offered once a month! Check back for any updates and sign up for the newsletter for discount codes and announcements! Scholarship and financial aid available.

Break: Write Your Divorce Workshop

This 2
hour workshop is designed for women with limited time who want the basic fundamentals of how to write a divorce storyfor their personal/legal file. The workshop will introduce how and why the narrative of marriage, divorce, family, and gender affect women’s understanding and perception of self and divorce. It is suitable for any stage of divorce. 

Women who have completed the divorce process, and who want an in-depth writing experience, please register for the 4-week writing workshop!

There will be creative process exercises led by Ahran Lee. You will also be provided with the Divorce Story Structure – this will enable you to write your divorce story for your personal/legal file on your own.

The origins of the Divorce Story Structure:

The Divorce Story Structure was developed as a result of my counsel asking me to write the story of my marriage/divorce for my legal file. Writing my divorce story, submitting it to my legal file, and storing it as a personal record shifted the outcome of my divorce across all arenas. It was key to moving forward in my life. The divorce story states the truth about who you were and how you navigated the world. It reflects your past beliefs and obliges a shifted authorial perspective on divorce. I developed the Divorce Story Structure to write my own storyand this is the tool that I present in class.

Having taught writing for many years, I know that structure enables individuals to write with more confidence. When you brave writing your truth to power, the reader knows. Divorce Story Structure changed my life, I know it can do the same for you.  

–Dr. Stephanie Han


You don’t have to be a writer to write your divorce story. You simply have to be a woman who wants to tell her truth.


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