Woman's Creative Writing Workshop
Women's Creative Writing Workshop

Women's Creative Writing Workshop (5 weeks) THURSDAYS 8-10AM (HST) February 3-March 3


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Dates: Thursdays February 3-March 3 (HST)

8-10AM (HST) 10AM -12PM (PST) 11AM-1PM (MST) 12P-2PM (CST) 1-3PM (EST)

7-9PM (BST)

5 Weeks for $500

Enrollment: 12

The Women’s Creative Writing Workshop (5 weeks) is a mixed level two-hour generative writing workshop. This is designed for women to express their creativity and emotional truth on the page, to ask and seek support for their work or ideas, and to further their voices. This class addresses creative process and personal expression through narrative across the genres of fiction, memoir, and creative non-fiction. You will leave class with improved writing skills and a clear understanding of your personal writing strengths and interests. There is an optional (use or lose) individual 30 minute writing consultation held on specific days within one week of the conclusion of class.

Partial scholarships and payment plans are available.

Previous Guest Writers: Anjoli Roy, Gail Vida Hamburg, Ishle Yi (Lani) Park, Shonda Buchanan,  Amanda Fletcher, E.J. Koh, Susan Muaddi Darraj, Vanina Marsot, Emily Bernard, Camille Wanliss, Jenna Le, Nahid Rachlin, Devi S. Laskar, Wendy Chin-Tanner, Renee Simms, Veronica Golos

SPRING 2021 TEXTS: PERSIAN GIRLS by Nahid Rachlin, MEET BEHIND MARS by Renee Simms


FALL 2021 October 20-November 17 Wednesdays 2-4PM (HST) TEXTS: WHAT WE CARRY by Maya Shanbhag Lang and WE HEREBY REFUSE by Tamiko Nimura and Frank Abe; Ross Ishikawa and Matt Sasaki

Guests: Maya Shanghag Lang and Tamiko Nimura


Guest writer: Toni Ann Johnson and TBA








  1. Jendayi Smith

    I took Dr. Han’s 5 week summer course and absolutely LOVED it. She creates a safe space for women to write and learn from each other. I learned so much in those 5 weeks that I am now taking the 10 week course. I highly recommend Dr. Han’s class to every woman I know.

  2. Dr. Jane Park Senior Lecturer, Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, Sydney University

    Thanks for bringing us all together, Steph, introducing us to wonderful women writers – including Gail Vida Hamburg and Shonda Buchanan – and creating such a warm and safe space for us to think and read and write together.

  3. Shelby

    What a wonderful writing class. Dr. Han cultivated such a trusting environment in which it was safe to explore and expand our minds. It was really so impactful in bringing me back into my writing in an intentional way. Thank you for that.

  4. Cristina Obieta

    Thank you, Stephanie, for bringing us together and shepherding us through an amazing 5 weeks! Your 5-week summer course was my introduction to you and your classes; and, was the best part of my summer! I have since signed up for your 10-week Fall course and am enjoying every minute of it.

  5. JP

    I took this class in summer 2020, and it was a breath of fresh air with everything going on in the world. Dr. Han is an amazing teacher and human being. She does an excellent job of motivating writers to tell their truth through empathy and love. I took her 10-week course right after this one which was also life changing.

  6. Lilly Nguyen

    This class was exactly what I needed. Stephanie creates a wonderful space through thoughtful writing prompts, insightful (and brief!) lectures, and amazing guest speakers. She is careful to the ways that women writers silence themselves before we even begin to write and this course does so much to energize the momentum we all need to step out onto the page. This class is a gift.

  7. Ku’ulani Keohokalole

    This class was great. Dr. Stephanie tells it like it is, and by that I mean she speaks truth to power and reminds us to do the same in our writing. I loved the tone she cultivated right from the beginning, instilling greater confidence in us to find our unapologetic voice. I didn’t take this class for any particular writing project; I took it to grow and learn, and it absolutely hit the mark on that for me. I strongly recommend.

  8. Amanda Graves

    I was in a bit of a writing funk and this class really pulled me out of my comfort zone and gave me the tools and motivation to keep writing. I recommend this class for people working on a project but also anyone who just needs a push to not quit.

  9. Leslie Portela

    This class changed my life as a writer. Stephanie incorporates the art of reading literature into a craft class, introducing it’s to diverse and some of the best writers doing daring things! I highly recommend this class plus I haven’t stopped writing since taking it.

  10. Sasha Moghimi-Kian

    I absolutely loved this class! 2020 had me in a writing and reading funk and I thought I’d push myself by signing up. Stephanie gave us such rich, fulfilling readings and then prompts that had me thinking about my novel again. Her encouragement and carefully thought out writing tips supported me and my classmates and we felt free to share and communicate on an intimate level. Stephanie also reads a piece you’re working on and then meets with you one-on-one to discuss it and her commentary is so thoughtful and perceptive. I highly recommend working with and learning from Stephanie through her classes and teaching! She is amazing!

  11. Nowal Nasir

    I recently took Dr. Han’s 5 week writing course and it was AMAZING. I had the opportunity to hear and learn from different successful female writers, a chance to write in a creative, safe space and was able to reconnect with my passion for writing. She provided timely, effective and in-depth feedback, encouraged participation and included everyone in the discussion. I highly recommend Dr. Han’s class to everyone as a way of exploring not just their passion for writing but also as an opportunity to delve in, reflect upon and come to terms with things that affect us as women.

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