Write your story! These online classes are your opportunity to craft your emotional truth through the art of narrative. Learn craft, process, interact with writers, and express your creativity in a space that honors your story.

All residents of Hawai’i receive a 10% kama’aina discount. 

Use  code “LOCAL” when you register.

Classes are refundable, minus a cancellation fee: $5 for $100 and $15 for any class over $100.

OFFICE HOURS (Open Gender)

  • Have you hit a wall with your manuscript? 
  • Are you at the beginning of a project and feel uncertain about where you are going?
  • Are you getting mixed feedback on your writing?
  • Are you experiencing writer’s block when attempting to write your divorce story? 
  • Do you need accountability to help you meet your writing goals?
  • Do you need some guidance and different pedagogical strategies for your secondary-university level writing or literature classes?

OFFICE HOURS are designed to help you wherever you are in your writing or teaching journey. I have written across multiple genres and I will endeavor to work with you to the best of my ability. I can provide you with the tools to address your craft, literary, writing, and teaching challenges. 

COVID has led to considerable academic anxiety for parents, tutors, or teachers who may need additional strategies to deploy, in particular, when homeschooling or teaching students online. I have trained teachers and I am available to help you with your teaching practice. 

Time: two 30-minute sessions or one 60-minute session Price: $250
Discount: Hawai’i residents receive kama’aina rates 10% off for all classes and consultations. 

POLICY: Any or all writing must be submitted one week PRIOR to your appointment. You may submit a maximum of 5000 words per consultation of prose in any genre.

To maximize the benefits of your appointment time, come with questions!

Please use the Request an Office Hours Appointment form to contact me prior to purchasing any OFFICE HOURS. We will have a brief 15-minute call to see if my services will be of use to you. My purpose is to help you manifest your writing ambitions. I will only take on students if I believe that I can truly help you to reach your writing goals.