The learning platform is dedicated to empowering women through narrative.

Building on the tradition of women’s participation in the art of literary expression, expertise in community building, and profound abilities to manifest change, classes encourage women to honor their voices, to commit words to the page, and to author their lives as they live and write their truth to power.

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Community Spotlight

I will now be featuring our amazing students on the site! I have talented writers working on cool stuff in all of my classes. 

First up… Lilly Nguyen! Lilly is a 2021 PEN Emerging Voices fellow. She previously attended my Women’s Creative Writing and Intersectionality: Manuscript Workshops.

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I have a new column in the Hawaiʻi Review of Books called, “The Doctor is In”. This column aims to answer questions that cover the areas of craft, process, and technique, and/or the teaching of writing and literature. Here are the most recent pieces:


Author Your Life

Write your story! These online classes are your opportunity to craft your emotional truth through the art of narrative. Learn craft, process, interact with

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