Create the story of your life with Dr. Stephanie Han

Learn to write your story.

I am an award-winning writer, an academically credentialed global educator, and a strong believer in cultivating women’s voices. 

My strategy is to design classes for specific audiences. For stories to resonate, students need to have instructors who can meet their needs.

My online writing workshops teach women to write using texts written by women, emphasize craft skills, process lessons, and deliver an MFA/MA writing experience.

Writing is an act of rebellion, the self on the page, the great reveal of the heart.


Stephanie has an incredible mastery of words… She is also an inspired communicator. I was a student in several of her writing workshops and walked away with a new appreciation for the craft. I'd take more of her courses if I could!

Catherine Cole
CEO at MOTIF, Hong Kong

Some teachers teach. Some transform. Stephanie Han is both at their best. Attending her weekly class was the absolute highlight of my week. In that classroom, she drew us into a storied world that she carefully wove together, in which we were all participants and creators. Stephanie’s classes are versatile, lively, transformative, caring, and well-researched. She showed me the power of storytelling, and how to continue discovering stories of others and my own, on paper and in life.

Jamie Wang
PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, writer and poet

Dr. Han believed in me and my potential for growth, and it’s because of this that I had the motivation to continue challenging myself and learning, in English and all aspects of life.

Haley Nakamura
Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fall 2020 Courses

Women's Creative Writing Workshop (5 week/10 week)
Power Journal: Write to Transform
Reading Poetry (Class for Girls ages 14-17/Grades 9-12)
Divorce: Structure Your Story

Summer 2020 Courses

Women’s Creative Writing Workshop
Girls’ Creative Writing Class
Council of Korean Americans Lecture and Workshop
Series on Identity, Literature, and Gender

Please join me!